Re: San O Help, sheer cla

Posted by theo on Dec 29, 2007

On my kayak build (a Chesapeake 18) I merely laid out the sides flat, glued the sheerclamps on, allowed the sheerclamp/sides to set and then stitched all the panels, less deck, with a spreader at midships measured from bow; it took a nice, sweet curve, it looks like a kayak with whiskers at the chines and keel. That's where the boat stands now until spring. The deflection from flat isn't even 15" over the 18' of boat with a beam of something like 28" compared to a San O at 10" deflection for a beam of 20". Unless your manual specifies to glue it up in a curve, if the sheerclamp can handle the curve plus some more before gluing, just glue it on the flat then stitch it to shape; hey man, you're getting there

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