A Matter of Degree

Posted by John Beck on Nov 26, 2007

Thanks Kurt (I think), and I concede to CLC, to not dampen the continued soaring sales of SW hybrids, that it only takes a little longer for a sensibly designed deck. Although my ply deck went on in a hurry, the judicious application of green stain, paint, varnish and pin-stripes to cover the waffle hammer marks and bent over nails did add to the build time.

BTW, I didn't say it was harder, it is just different and takes longer. And if you didn't want to have to whitewash a botched job then you needed to be careful about it (and there are many more places to be careful about it). Of course the design plays into the build time. I like traditional sailboat design features so I opted for the traditional kingplank which requires the end of each plank to be "nibbed" into the kingplank (see photo link). On the other hand, if someone was to built, oh I don't know, maybe a simple strip canoe (of non-CLC origin) of red cedar with the occasional white strip here and there, then I bet some, like Kurt, could knock that off in an afternoon or two. I'll admit the finishing process did add a wee bit to the build time, but how else was I to cover all those blood, sweat and tear stains? Besides, I had time kill leading up to Okoume Fest.

Kurt's axiom that things get easier and better with each successive try can be extended to my pursuit of the perfectly consumed beer. I consider myself a master at this point, but only through relentless practice will I ever achieve perfection.

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