Let's Rumble

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Nov 25, 2007

Commodore Harris, let's you and I go beat up Poopdeck Beck. He's comparing apples to oranges. He hammers on his plywood decks with a 30-oz waffle-face framing hammer in thirty minutes and calls it a day... Then turns around and meticulously and delicately assembles a masterpiece of the stripper's art that will stand high above all others for years to come... And then yawns: "oh, I'd say hybrids are tougher..."


Mister Beck, I submit to your consideration that any strip deck you build from here on out is going to be tons easier than that first one ever wuz. Especially if you don't piece it together with a pair of tweezers, and hand-color each freakin specimen you add to it with rare imported China water pigments.

Now, after that severe chastisement, I declare myself in agreement with the good Commodore: after a plywood deck, I found a strip deck just as easy. It was different, but not harder. And I had to invent mine as I went along; it was wayyy back when hardly anyone knew what a hybrid was.

In Response to: Re: strip vs, plywood dec by CLC on Nov 25, 2007