Re: DMC Epoxies?

Posted by David S. on Oct 28, 2007

Frank, I will be working on a Shearwater 17 this winter and have been researching "alternative" epoxies for a couple of weeks. I posted a similar thread to yours, inquiring about Aeromarine Epoxy, on the other builders forum. I did not get any replies.

I posted here a different thread and received some feedback. I have extensively investigated past threads and come to the following conclusion. Raka Epoxy seems to be the most popular bargain brand. Users consistently give it high marks. I intend to go with these endorsements rather than trial a brand that has not been used by more experienced forum members. The little money I would save is not worth the risk to me.

Good Luck, Dave

In Response to: DMC Epoxies? by FrankP on Oct 26, 2007