Re: DMC Epoxies?

Posted by FrankP on Nov 1, 2007

In theory, the epoxy should be coated with a UV protective varnish coating. The test looks like it used z spar varnish with U/V protection and says there were 4 coats. I'd say that the test panel was put to some pretty extreme conditions, though, since my boat was been stored outside for a year (no cover) with no varnish at all and has less damage than that panel has (except for the raka and west systems epoxies.) That doesn't count the 3 years it's been stored indoors or time on the water.

I believe my kit came with west systems or system 3 epoxy (i don't remember which).

My main concerns when considering epoxy are strength and ease of use. Does it cure ridiculously slowly or ridiculously fast, that kind of thing. I believe strength is going to be fairly consistent, though that's just a gut instinct not based on any particular data.

Right now the project I'm most concerned with using the epoxy for is a set of rain barrels for the house. I can collect a ridiculous amount of rain water from my roof, and I'd like to use that for the gardens etc. Save money and save resources, how can that be bad, right? All that said, I'm less concerned about how it looks (though I'd like it to look nice) and more with how strong it will be. I'll give one of the "off brands" a shot and post my results here once I finish.

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