Re: Split scarf joint, he

Posted by Charlie on Oct 21, 2007

Long range diagnosis of broken scarf joints is kind of dicey. Is that white stuff epoxy? It's been my experience that I never had any scarfs fail because I did a bunch of practice pieces before I took on an entire boat. Scarfs that have the basics, minimum 8;1 angle and properly mixed epoxy will not fail. They may look like hell but they don't usually pop unless some big mistakes were made. I have a 14' pirogue that was made with half sheets of plywood. Each panel has three scarfs. The inwales have one scarf the outwales two. Each panel and each strip was scarfed and then mounted as a single piece. If there is anything you can add to explain your methods it might help the diagnosis.

In Response to: Split scarf joint, help! by Topher on Oct 21, 2007