Side panel joint help.

Posted by Kyle Lindstrom on Aug 25, 2007

Well I'm finally starting to build my Cape Charles 17....only 14 years after I purchased my plans. I even have the orignal Wooden boat issues 1993 where the building of the Cape Charles was featured. Well marriage and kids put things off a few years!

I have all the deck and side panels jointed and cut. Now I'm ready to stitch the pieces together with 18 ga Wire. I know the hull panels should butt together at the keel. The manual I have is old and doesn't describe the side panel joint. There is only a picture and it seems to show the stitching of the side panel to the hull as an overlap joint. Is this correct or should it be a butt joint. See my attached picture/link. It's a section through the kayak showing to the joints. My guess is that it should be an overlap joint and after seaming the inner hull I would then sand the hull panels to be flush with the side panels.

Thanks in advance for all you help!