Re: Never Again!

Posted by Charlie on Aug 19, 2007

I have considerable experience scarfing whole sheets of ╝" plywood. The total length of the scarfs in one boat was 16 feet. This was done using hand planes only. It was an interesting experiment but, it wasn't much fun. I started each session with all my planes lined up. Each blade was given a pass on a diamond stone. By the time I was done with the roughing they were all dull and would need another pass on the stone before I could go on to finish. Never again! The only way to procede when scarfing whole sheets is to have a power tool with a jig to do the roughing. The one advantage to scarfing whole sheets is you are often able to accurately lay out entire planks and don't have to worry about planks coming out wrong because there was some slippage during the glue-up.

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