extra materials left over

Posted by Eric on Aug 6, 2007

I've almost finished filleting and fiberglassing the interior of my Chesapeake 17 kit and I'm wondering about how much extra material is normal to have when you're done. At the moment, I"ve almost finished the filleting stage, just have to apply the fiberglass cloth over the whole interior cockpit area. I seem have a lot of wood flour(1 and 1/8 tubs) and silica powder (2/3 tub) left. My Fillets completely cover the wires holding the pieces together, average width is about 1/2 to 3/4 on either side of the seams. Just wondering if I'm not using enough materials or if the excess is normal due to the expectation that a person new to the process is going to make mistakes and waste materials accidentally.

I must say, the kit is coming together very smoothly, and I"m really enjoying putting it together. Hoping to get the cockpit done in the next couple days, then the hull by this weekend.