Re: extra materials left

Posted by John Beck on Aug 7, 2007

Eric, I too have loads of extra wood flour and silica powder from the Ches 16 I built years ago and my recently completed SH17 hybrid. I think one tub of wood flour is plenty, but I guess they plan for the new builder who may end up wasting alot. New builders probably add more to fillets than necessary, but I think some end up mixing more than they need, mix a batch for each infintesimal gluing job rather than planning multiple jobs that efficiently use one batch, mix the epoxy and THEN do the prepping while the epoxy cures to waste, all things you learn with each step.

I've found that wood flour is great for oatmeal mahogany cookies, and silica powder is a good substitute for powdered sugar in the icing; all very high in fiber. I know it is bad to breath it as dust, but man, it tastes great. Just kidding, it doesn't taste that great. Seriously, don't use either in baking (even if the label doesn't say not to).


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