Yer tellin' my story, Laz

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Aug 3, 2007

By the end of each paddling season I absolutely must do repairs. That said, I've had a nice patch of dutct tape on the VJ all year so far and it's holding out well. That tape is hiding a nasty crack that went through the hull and up the bulkhead. Was too lazy/tired/busy to do the repair. As it turns out, the repair will be done properly this weekend. Got a friend coming by who will keep me off the water this weekend so I figure on doing the repair since I won't be paddling. The friend won't mind me doing the repair while she is visiting cuz I'll ply her with red wine till she doesn't care that I am giving my kayak more attention than she is getting. I'll worry about the complaints later!

Robert N Pruden

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