Re: Repairing small scrat

Posted by Laszlo on Aug 3, 2007

I wouldn't let that little scratch keep me from buying it. I get worse damage than that every season on my pirogue. As Bob says, some sanding, fresh epoxy & paint will take care of that just fine.

If you've got anything other than a flat mud bottom where you paddle, you can count on lots of scratches through the course of a season. Even with te most benign bottom, there's still boat ramps, piers, carrier racks, trees & bushes to contend with. Scratches are a normal part of a well-used kayak's life.

During active boating season I just glop on some epoxy to seal the scratch. At the end of the season, or the beginning of the next one, I do a complete refinish, let everything harden & cure, then take it out & get it all scratched up again.

You ought to see what CLC's demo boats look like after Okoumefest :-)

Good luck,


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