Re: Tipping

Posted by Ken Leffert on Jul 27, 2007

Yes, you are correct, but you are leaving out one very important detail......never put a brush down on wet varnish, always dry and work across the wet. CLC's shop tips, link and quoted paragraph below, cover what I've always known as tipping, they just don't tell you what its called. See diagram #2 of the page link.

"Beginning at the bow, I apply the varnish with vertical strokes to an 18" patch (less if it's hot weather). Then, without dipping the brush in the can again, I follow this with lengthwise strokes smoothing out the vertical strokes. In this second step, it is crucial that the brush strokes go from dry to wet (right to left in the drawing). Never put the brush down into wet varnish. The vertical strokes get the varnish onto the boat, and the horizontal strokes even out the varnish. The "cross-hatching" pattern also virtually eliminates "holidays." "

CLC's shop tip for varnish.

In Response to: Tipping by Willy on Jul 27, 2007