Posted by Willy on Jul 27, 2007

Before I ask my tipping question, I'd like to reitterate what several people have said in the past few weeks. "This forum is awesome - I'd never have been able to complete my 'yak without all of this wonderful advice!"

I started my CH16 in January of this year and I'm just getting to the Varnish :) If there is one thing I've learned about varnishing from these boards it's that tipping of the varnish once carefully applied is probably one of the most important steps. One problem though, I can't seem to find a definition for "tipping" anywhere. Now I'm a fairly smart fellow, I think I have this figured out, but I want to make sure before "the brush hits the hull".

Tipping = using the brush to veeeeeery lightly smooth over the entire surface of the freshly varnished area to smooth brush strokes and burst small bubbles leading to a smooth surface.

Yes? No?


P.S. Thanks, again everyone! Pics coming when she's done :)