Re: Ken you made the big

Posted by George K on Jul 26, 2007

Okay, Mr. Pruden, that'll be enough of that! The last bash was in Galveston Island and Kurt, myself and a bunch of others who will remain nameless to protect their reputations went to one of the landmark restaurants in town for a seafood feast. The platter I ordered came with seafood balls which, when I inquired what seafood they might have come from, offered quite a bit of hilarity but absolutely no explanation from Kurt or the nameless others as to what they actually might contain. Nevertheless I ate them and have to admit they were on the tasty side, probably akin to a crab cake which had been rolled into small balls and offered more cornbread filler than crab. Now I am looking forward to Laszlo treating Kurt and myself to the real crab cake experience should Kurt be able to drag himself to OkoumeFest next summer. And congrats on your high marks in grammer. I will endeavor to be more specific in further posts. Now go have a Guiness!!

George K

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