Re: Ken you made the big

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Jul 26, 2007

"Or maybe he should head on down to Texas next bash and see if he can figure out what the heck those seafood balls are made of! Course they probably don't have those in Dallas anyway....."

Did you mean seafood balls or just balls? Sorry, I'm sitting here at work kinda bored and just possibly reading more into what I saw than meets the eye. Then again, I got top marks in a college level grammar course that I took a couple of years ago. The course taught me that the writer should be very specific about what is being written about or the reader can and will (in my case) poke fun at all the ribald possibilities he can. Hee! Hee!

Robert (Please don't hit me in the)N(ose) Pruden

In Response to: Re: Ken you made the big by George K on Jul 21, 2007