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Posted by Paul on Jul 19, 2007

just got back from buying all bunch of C clamps and brushes and rollers etc....for those like me who didnt realize that tapping the piece with packing tape to prevent over flow of epoxy so lol...i was jsut about to glue to pieces then i re read and noticed that its critical to tape the pieces....pre gluing glad i re read all that ...could add a big pile of glued pieces lol...anyways the hardest thing for me to find these days is the following

1. On this forum i had read and now i cant seem to find the thread but the guy was talkingabout a paint that you use after the boat is assembled that basically smooths out the machine marks from the sanded fibergalss....i know its not for months but where i live you need to pre shop this stuff way in advance..i went to a few hardware stores and varnish stores and they looked at me like i was on crack....

2. Varnish can somebody give me a brand ...all these varnish stores are trying to tell me not to worry and to simply put this deck varnish ..which i def refuse to do so lol

Thanks in advance kinda bad with Pc's so im not sure where you want me to go to hook up on the passagemaker forum thingy

PEace out Builders ..time to go tape


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