Re: My first Project

Posted by Erik on Jun 28, 2007


I found it very helpful when the boxes came to inventory everything. Take each piece out of the box, compare it to the parts list and get an idea of where it will go on the boat and when. This is especially important with the hardware. A lot of the screws may look alike, but you want to make sure the right ones end up in the right place.

I had never built a boat before nor had I done any fiberglassing. I found the instructions adequate, CLC very helpful, this forum beneficial, and the other blogs and forum huge assets as well. Although intimidating at first, your confidence will grow with each step. Don�t be afraid to ask questions if you aren�t sure.

If you haven�t found the site at the bottom of my post yet, I think any PMD maker or enthusiast will get a lot out of it. You�ll get a varied idea of the experiences of a few Passagemaker builders.

You're going to really enjoy the boat.

Good luck!


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