Re: My first Project

Posted by Paul on Jun 28, 2007

I jsut read a whole bunch of them post on that link thanks man helps a lot....especially with the sanding it def helps me plan things out...

Ima little bummed out about the suggestion that the boat doesnt perform well when tacking....or beating upwind...curious about that ...but im thinking after reading so much that its due to losing wind speed and improperly tacking...the inertia required is a good point brought up...Eitherway ill sail this bad boy ..Im still curious about when your on a beam reach does the boat Heel at all ....meaning do is require hiking anybody sailing these bad boys hard...Part of my love affair with this project pushing the envellope come sail and of my goals will be to sail all larger lakes in Northern Ontario....Anyways ...i guess i should worry about building her so she

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