Re: Arctic Hawk v.Shearwa

Posted by Dave Houser on May 14, 2007

I and three other seasoned kayakers in our SoCal club tried both the Shearwater 17 and the Artic Hawk at a CLC demo day last year. It was a windy day behind a breakwater. All of us, hands down, preferred the Shearwater over the Artic Hawk. The Shearwater was wind neutral, responsive on edge and tracked well when level. The Artic Hawk weather cocked too much. We all wished we could have tried the Shearwater in some chop, swells and waves but we had to share it with the rest of the crowd. I would trade my Ches 17 in a second for one. I would have to give one a good work in surf and waves before I could compare it to my Point Bennett.

In Response to: Arctic Hawk v.Shearwater by mctech on May 14, 2007