Arctic Hawk v.Shearwater

Posted by mctech on May 14, 2007

As I look at all of my many options for diving headfirst into the world of wooden kayak building, I am really struck by the two newer CLC Greenland-style models - the Shearwater and the Arctic Hawk.

I've read quite a lot about the Shearwaters recently, and seen shots of some fine finished boats. But I haven't seen much on the Arctic Hawk...which to my one of the most classically appealing craft out there.

So my questions:

1) Can anyone relate some objective or subjective experiences with the Arctic Hawk? (In the shop...and on the water.)

2) How about some good comparisons between the Shearwater and the Arctic Hawk?

3) What the heck...any comparisons with other similar boats, such as the Arctic Tern, Night Heron etc.? I suppose that the Coho is a different boat really, but I wouldn't mind hearing something about that as well.

I don't ask for much...