Re: Rudder rest

Posted by Steve on May 2, 2007

To make my rudder block conform to the deck, I took an adhesive sandpaper disk from my ROS supplies and stuck it to the deck in the place where I planned to attach it. I then slid the block forward-and-back across the sandpaper for a couple of minutes until the bottom of the block had a shape that matched the curve of the deck. Peel off the sandpaper, sand the deck at that spot and epoxy the block in place.

The block is positioned on the deck near, but not at, the tip of the rudder. A bungie keeper strap attached to the block is used to keep the rudder in place during transport and when not in use. The block has to be positioned forward enough that I can slide the keeper strap forward and over the tip of the rudder without disconnecting anything. -Steve

In Response to: Re: Rudder rest by Julian on May 1, 2007