PM Rubrails

Posted by Leah on Apr 25, 2007

According to my instructions, I'm supposed to get 8 pieces of rub rail, 4 big and 4 little, that will be scarfed together to make 4-12' rails. Instead I have 8 pieces, all the same size that will make 4-16' rails. Is this ok? Can I just take off the final four feet? Why does what I got not match the instructions?

I know this is small-time, but I'm new to this and want to be sure.

Also, I got 6 pieces of pine, all about 3' long more or less, about 1" x 1" and I'm not sure what they all are. Two are obviously the bottom skids and one is the blocking for the forward bulkhead for the take-apart option. What are the other three for? Any ideas?

Thanks for any help you can offer.