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Posted by John Beck on Apr 25, 2007

Sander (what an appropriate name for wooden boat builder!),

My 2 cents says that I trust CLC's vast experience in providing kits/building procedures for a safe and strong boat. So unless you forsee more boat abuse than normal (whitewater or as a tobaggon in the winter) I'd follow the directions with proper fillet and tape on the inside.

The highest area of wear and tear are on the keel at the bow and stern, and CLC offers rub strip kits (see link below) that are applied after fiberglass. This should provide enough protection. Your call on whether to add tape to the rest of the keel. Adding tape along the chine is way overkill and would require lots of sanding and maybe filler to make the topsides look good.

Hope this helps.


rub strip kit

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