Best idea of all

Posted by Laszlo on Mar 24, 2007


Ingrid's absolutely right. If you were a professional boatbuilder, you wouldn't be trying out the saber saw for the first time on a customer's pride & joy - you'd have had years of apprenticeship learning to make that saw an extension of your hand.

I once read a builder who said that amateur boatbuilding is like amateur housebuilding in that by the time you finally get good at a particular skill, you don't need it anymore. I guess that's why second boats are so popular.

Anyway, Ingrid's made the most sense of everyone so far. Whatever technique you finally decide to use, go do a lot of radius cuts with it, then step up to your pride & joy with a tool in your hand, confidence in yourself, a song in your heart and plugs in your ears.


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