Re: Best idea of all

Posted by Jim L on Mar 24, 2007

Well, the junior hack saw blades worked well. I cut the corner radii on the aft hatch in 15 minutes or so. Once the corners are cut, and the cut extended about 1" down the side, the razor saw can again be used to complete the straight line cut. Ingrid, your comment regarding lifting the grain on the pull stroke is important; the bonsai saw is lethal in this regard, especially on the soft cedar strips. With the hack saw blades, you can turn the saw to cut either on the pull or push stroke. Push worked best. One thing else I learned quickly was to take care to hold the blade perpendicular to the deck. And Laslo, I agree with your comment on learing skills and then not needing them anymore. This is my third boat, but my first strip deck, so most of the "new" things are related to that. I may have to do another one to profit from this learing curve. On the other hand, George K about has me convinced to build a SIS. And the beat goes on .... ain't it great!!

Jim L

In Response to: Best idea of all by Laszlo on Mar 24, 2007