Doctor Yak says

Posted by LeRoy on Mar 18, 2007

A man went to his doctor, lifts his foot up over his head and said “It hurts when I do this, doctor.” The doctor said “Well then don’t do that, silly!”

[Steve, maybe you shouldn’t use your motor — designed for heavy bass boats — on high power!]

Doctor goes to the retirement home for his monthly rounds. He sees Joe and asks him, "Joe, how much is three times three?" Joe responds "59." He goes over to Tom and asks, "Tom, how much is three times three?" Tom responds, "Wednesday." He finally goes over to John and asks, "John, how much is three times three?" "NINE" replies John. "That's right... now how did you come to that answer?" "It was easy... I just subtracted 59 from Wednesday!"

Same man goes to see his Doctor again. “Doc,” he says, “I've got a problem. Every minute of every day I've got the song ‘Delilah’ running through my head. I catch myself humming it and sometimes singing it in public places. My wife even says I sing it in my sleep; it's driving her nuts. What is the matter with me?" The doctor replies, "Sounds like Tom Jones Syndrome to me." "Is it common?" the guy asks, to which the Doctor answers, "It's not unusual."

As the doctor completed an examination of the patient, he said, "I can't find a cause for your complaint. Frankly, I think it's due to drinking." "In that case," said the patient, "I'll come back when you're sober"

A doctor walks into an examination room and places his stethoscope on the chest of an elderly and slightly deaf woman. He tells her "big breaths", and she replies "Yes, they used to be."

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