Re: Flush Hatches

Posted by Garland on Mar 4, 2007

the curve of the deck isn't that much in the MC16 compared to the 15" radius kayaks so the spring back is very slight. Personally I think the use of a molding form and doubled thickness to make a flush hatch is a waste of wood and assumes a correlation between mold and deck that may not exist. Making flush hatches in bent decks is inherently an imprecise project with some corners popping up more than the center but it's minor. Depending on the size of your hatch two or three ribs should take care of it. With all that could you consider a large 10" circular Beckson hatch in the front bulkhead? I think that might fit, if not an 8" one will. Get the pop-out kind not the screwin kind. You can get clear hatches as well. Don't forget a little 1/16" breather hole in bulkhead.

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