Re: First Kayak/Stuff Nee

Posted by Jim E on Jan 18, 2007

I think I would include a shop vacuum cleaner in the 'must' column. Even of you don't use an orbital sander, you still need to clean up that nasty itchy dust after scraping or hand sanding. Also in the cleanup category: Paper towels (the waterproof ones from Home Depot are good). White vinegar for cleaning epoxy off spreaders and other tools (It's a lot cheaper than acetone, and won't give you cancer), plus some sort of tray for dunking said tools. I use a tupperware-style box with a lid.

Any stick will do for mixing, and you can re-use it. Use large party cups for epoxy, even for small batches, they're less prone to heat up then small ones. An apron is pretty good for keeping epoxy off your clothes, or you can use those tyvek overalls that painters wear. I wear one for sanding, so I dont carry dust away on my clothes. They do get hot though!

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