Re: First Kayak/Stuff Nee

Posted by Richard K on Jan 18, 2007

I'm building my first kayak, and have gotten as far as doing the fillets. So far there seems to be two kinds of tool - want one, and need one. You need as many clamps as you can find, I ended up with around 40 and used every single one to put the sheer strips on the panels. You can easily do without an electric saw, but you will need a pull saw. I got one from Lowes for $12. A 16ft table may have been useful, but you can't do without 2 sawhorses. You'll need a small block plane (again, $12 from Lowes). Other than that, you've probably already got most other things you need (pliers, wirecutter, 20ft measuring tape, string for marking & laying out panels) You'll want plenty of sandpaper and a rubber sanding block. You'll be sanding the entire boat about a dozen times, so if you don't want to end up throwing yourself out of a 2nd floor window out of sheer desperation, get an orbital sander. Also, a pack of picnic cups for eopxy, and I persuaded my physician to give me a box of tongue depressors for mixing epoxy - longer and wider than popsicle sticks.

In Response to: First Kayak/Stuff Needed? by Tim Clark on Jan 17, 2007