Re: Cannot locate Marine

Posted by Camper on Dec 20, 2006


Selling wood with a phony certification label is wrong in any country.

Everyone in the supply chain who knew it was phony (starting with the counterfeiter himself) has possibly committed a crime (consumer fraud) in any Western country.

But at the least, if you've bought falsely labeled BS 1088 wood, you are entitled to a refund, and should return it if able (even with fist hole). To protect your not only yourself, but also your fellow builders.

If memory serves, a couple years ago a fellow on this forum (from Oz I think, or NZ) had the problem, and he took it back and got refund and apology.

If crooks, plus ignorant or negligent merchants, are allowed to profit, then the problem will grow.

BTW, CLC is one very reputable merchant; they know their BS 1088 suppliers, and they won't ship you a bad kit piece if one does sneak in.

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