If the air in your shop

Posted by Charlie Jones on Dec 18, 2006

is cold, then definitely warm the resin. A cardboard box with a 60 watt bulb inside will do the trick nicely as long as the temps aren't TOO low. Also be sure your SURFACE is really warm. The ambient temp inside the shop may be nice, but the WOOD of the boat may still be cold. Epoxy won't like either- cold wood or cold epoxy.

I have also, on many occasions, used a hair dryer to warm the mixed epoxy in the cup after it was stirred, but before fillers were added. You don't want to get it HOT, just warm enough so it goes to a working consistency- you can easily tell- quits acting like honey and starts being like thin syrup.

On occasions when I've HAD to have a boat finished, I've worked in a 40 degree shop, but with warmed resin and wood. Worked out just fine.

In Response to: Re: epoxy woes by Jay on Dec 18, 2006