Re: epoxy woes

Posted by Jay on Dec 18, 2006

Thanks Dennis,

I think I have gotten to the same point. I realize that it has to be sanded before varnish, and I know it will still float. So I will let some of it slide for this build. I think that I'm putting too much pressure on myself, and what I expect it to look like (e.g. the pic in the book which was built by a pro)because likewise I am building it for someone as a gift.

As for the temp, you could be right. Although it was a problem on a former occasion. The last time I brought in a propane heater, and it was roughly 80 in the room, but the resin bottles themselves may not have actually acclimated in that time.


In Response to: Re: epoxy woes by Dennis Rioux on Dec 17, 2006