Re: Sand the Inside?

Posted by Alan Speakman on Dec 1, 2006

Hi David,

Just a couple of thoughts...

* If the epoxy isn't as flat as it could be, you can certainly fix that, and you obviously know how... The real question is whether or not you want to. Some guys enjoy spending countless hours building the perfect craft. (I think it was the Boston Globe that had a fascinating piece on people who build boats with absolutely no intention of launching them... In fact, when completion nears, they tear the boats down and start again...) On the other hand many folks want to slam the thing together and hit the water. Either way, so long as the yak is safe and sound, I say build as you choose and let the rest of the world build their own boat. Just remember that at 5' a little bit of lumpy epoxy is awful tough to spot, even by the best eye.

* As for the glass tape on the fillets... In the future you might try tipping the kayak such that you're working on a relatively flat horizontal plane, and then using pre-applied blue painters' tape as a guide just beyond the width of the tape. The tape on the wife's Mill Creek 13 is REALLY wavy... Still the boat is safe, and functions perfectly. That's fine by her and it's fine by me.

Just a couple of cents...


In Response to: Sand the Inside? by David Tudryn on Nov 30, 2006