Sand the Inside?

Posted by David Tudryn on Nov 30, 2006

Finally, after looking at the panels stitched together in my garage for about 1 year, I Just finished the fillets and the cockpit fiberglass on my Chespeake 17 and applied a second coat of epoxy. Overall it looks Ok, but I think I applied the epoxy a little thick and the surface is not as flat as I had hoped. Should I bother to sand smooth and recoat? (My father-in-law says to forget it and just be sure to be sitting in it while showing it off.-I tend to be more of a perfectionist and think I ought to get it right.) Thoughts? A general comment-getting the glass to sit right in the cockpit without pulling it while applying epoxy was difficult. Also, running the glass tape perfectly straight along the fillets was difficult, too. It came out a little wavy. At least the project is moving forward again.