Re: Plans vs. kit

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Sep 11, 2006

Good points made so far. Here's my $0.02...

My first building project sprang from a need for two decent boats on a budget of $600. I ended up with two Mill Creek 13s for a total of $650.

Kits are way convenient, but if you ain't afraid to do some serious shopping, scrounging, and have the resources to make it workable, then plans are definitely cheaper. Plus, you get the bragging rights of having done it all yourself...

Special Kudos to CLC for offering plans in the first place (the other kayak kit outfit doesn't, and it still rankles me). I'll always be a huge CLC fan because of all the things they did - and do - to help first-time builders get through the process. Like present and maintain this forum, for instance.

Cheers, Kurt

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