Re: Paint

Posted by John Beck on Aug 21, 2006

Assuming this is Interlux Brightside and it has the "orange peel" look then you probably need to add some Interlux brushing liquid 333 to slow the drying processing. Paint in the early morning when its cooler, but anytime in the summer you will need to add some 333. If you noticed that the "wet edge" wasn't exactly wet as you painted the next section then you definately need to add 333. Add the 333 to the paint in the roll pan (not to the entire can) as you use it. Be aware of how the paint flows as you tip it off as an indicator of the wetness of your wet edge, and add 333 as needed. Another indication that the wet edge wasn't maintained, but not as severe as orange peel, is being able to see the overlapped areas after the paint dried, with smooth finish between the overlapped areas.

The solution is to sand it all down with 220 enough to remove the rough stuff and resume painting.

In Response to: Paint by Peter on Aug 20, 2006