Looks like i'm paintin'..

Posted by Bill on Aug 15, 2006


I successfully put the deck on the kayak. And then I sanded out the pencil marks and proceeded to carefully put the glass on the deck. I've put the first 2 coats of epoxy on the deck and sides (glass overhanging the sides) and it is still quite bumpy, but thats ok because I haven't sanded yet. The second coat was really thin so I'll sand in between the 3rd and 4th coats.

I was planning to varnish the boat...but I used microballoons instead of woodflower to fill the gaps between the hull and the deck...so there is a clear stripe most of the way around. But that's ok, I think just varnishing the deck and painting the hull will be great.

But then I read that if you are going to varnish, you ahve to prep the WOOD by sanding with up to 220 grit. Of course. This makes sense. Otherwise there will be swirls in the wood that you didn't see before. But sadly I now have 2 coats of epoxy and fiberglass on my deck...and I only sanded with 80 grit.

So it looks like I'll have to paint the entire thing...unless someone here tells me it'll still look good varnished...