Re: Looks like i'm painti

Posted by Alan Speakman on Aug 15, 2006

Hi Bill and Laszlo,

Some thoughts...

i.) Before you start painting... Seek out a small spot with the most swirls, and prep it for varnish. Then varnish it and see what you've got... The encapsulated swirls in the earlier layers of epoxy might not look so bad after all. And if you have to, you can always scrape off the small test area and paint.

ii.) Laszlo is right... Anybody who knows his stuff about wooden boat building will look past a few swirls... Everybody else will be blown away by the overall beauty of the craft.

iii.) And if the plastic/fiberglass-boat crowd doesn't like your work, they can just jump in their "frozen snot" contraptions and waddle off into their plastic sunset...

iv.) No matter what you do, your goofs will pale compared to my MC 13 "Frakenyak" creation... (Pictures to follow soon...)

Bottom line? Make what's safe and makes you happy... If the rest of the world doesn't like it, they can take a long leap off a short pier.

That's my $.02 worth,


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