Re: water & bulkhead

Posted by Alan Speakman on Aug 8, 2006

Hi Brian,

I'm going to make a few guesses here, and if I'm wrong, your kayak won't be the only thing that's all wet!

First, I'm guessing you built something like:

(What does Guillemot's "Nick's Blog" have to say about this???

Secondly, I'm assuming that when you say "mini cell bulkhead", you're talking about something like the following installed in a new kayak:

Thirdly, you can tell that you have some sort of leak because the water is seeping into a known area (like the cockpit).

If those three assumptions are correct, my two cent's worth is that you install the hatch pronto and find out exactly what the problem is... (For all you know, tipping the kayak on its nose won't let the trapped water get out.)

I'd say cut the opening for the new hatch, dry the compartment thoroughly, then get a light and small mirror in there and find the leak... (If you have to, fill the suspect compartment with water and find the seeping point.)

If there are no hatches in the boat, and yet she's got a leak, something just ain't right. Be sure to double check the deck/sheer clamp/rub rail "areas"... And if she's a strip built... Well THEN you've got a bunch of joints to look at!

The Web site for the hatch is:

Best of luck to you!

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