Re: bulkhead position & d

Posted by Dave Houser on Jun 15, 2006

The curve of the bulkhead top should line up with the corner of the shear i.e. the top of the side panel. If you have not planed the rolling bevel on the shear clamps, the shear clamp will be sticking above the top of the bulkhead.

If the bulkhead is low you can 1- fill it with fillet after installing the deck (mask one side of the gap and fillet from the other), 2- Lap on a curved strip of plywood to highten the bulkhead and reshape the top or 3- bend a strip or two or three of plywood on top of the bulhead forming a tee on top of the bulkhead. #3 also works well on a low deckbeam.

Changing the deck radius an inch or two to match bulkhead relocation is pretty common.

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