Re: Fading of wood

Posted by Stephen P on Jun 7, 2006

My thoughts is that it is faded. You do not say if you "store" your boat outside or under cover.

I have two CLC boats with a CLC logo UV tattoo. I had proudly put the CLC sticker on the stern of each boat and when I removed them a couple of years later to refinish, the wood under the black lettering and paddler was darker. Now I no longer need the sticker!

I do keep my boats down by the water under tree cover, but the stern sticks out into the sun for a few hours each day. Eventually the tattoo will fade.

UV is supposed to be bad for epoxy, the new coats of varnish will reduce this impact.

stephen P

In Response to: Fading of wood by Keith Voorheis on Jun 7, 2006