installing decklines

Posted by Adam Bolonsky on Jun 2, 2006

It's always mystified me that CLC kayaks and plans never mention decklines. No decklines means no bulldog, tandem, contact or rafted tows. And without decklines, getting back into a capsized kayak after a wet exit can be a real problem, especially if the victim is scared or the water is cold. All you have to grab at is a slippery wet deck coated with varnish.

Some kayaking clubs won't let you paddle on their trips (or pass their leadership certifcations) without decklines.

Anyhow, I've over the years installed decklines on all of my wooden CLC kayhaks: a Yare, a North Bay, a Pax 17.5, even an old Cape Charles.

I've got some blog postings up that show and detail how to install reflective decklines on a wooden kayak.

What's helpul about CLC designs is their shear clamps. It provides a strong and handy anchor for installing decklines. Decklines do need to be attached to a strong part of the kayak.

I've got the blog posting at:

It features reflective decklines also good for dusk and night.

Meanwhile, anyone who wants to get involved in a decklines discussion might want to check, the message board of Massachusetts's North Shore Paddlers Network.