Re: Shearwater/deck insta

Posted by LeeG on May 31, 2006

I used syringes and dowels with a Pygmy 13 then with the Coho I used the syringe for the cockpit and got lazy with the ends with the tilted kayak. Thereafter with two Mergansers I poured a small amount down the seam. the epoxy never got wider than 3/4" and when it all flowed down into the seam and ends there was a slight 1/4" wide fillet with a ready end pour.

If the edges of the deck/hull are beveled a little too much there's a narrow v slot at the sheer seam that needs filling. Gravity and a particular viscosity of goop is a lot neater than me with a syringe at the end of a stick and really doesn't use any more goop.

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