Re: Soft vs Regular Pad E

Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 14, 2006

Additional fiberglass reinforcing under the deck isn't necessary when using plywood backers. Believe me, failure just ain't a possibility... these babies are NOT pulling out! I like to make my backer plates about 1 1/2 x 2", using 3 or 4 mm Okoume scraps.

Laszlo's method sounds great, particularly if you want to string an under-deck loop or two for interior stowage (stay alert to possible foot entrapment issues!).

I seal any and all thru-hull holes with CA (Super Glue) as a matter of routine. I don't have anywhere near enough patience to fill-drill-fill, man... I wanna go paddlin'!! I've never had it fail me yet.

Making hatches and rigging totally waterproof is overkill unless you're really gonna be getting wet. True Confession: I never even put a gaskets on the hatches of my MC13's, and never suffered for the omission, either. But when I started rolling the Cormorant, things got different, fast. Moral: a few dribbles from not using sealer on soft padeyes can be worth living with when refinishing time comes... then they just pop right out. And, you can always add sealer any old time afterwards.

Cheers, Kurt

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