Re: Soft vs Regular Pad E

Posted by Laszlo on May 14, 2006

I did soft for the rigging on my wife's 16LT. Rather than permanently attach the things, my wife sewed loops on both ends of the straps (so they look like a figure 8).

One loop is inserted into the slit. Then slide a 3/8 dowel through the inner loop, and the rigging line throught the outer loop. The tension from the elastic rigging lines keeps the loops and dowels in place.

By reaching into the cockpit and pulling out the dowels, the rigging can be completely removed in one piece and replaced later with no retying of knots or threading of lines.

This is a quick installation - no glueing, stapling, varnishing, etc. needed.

It's probably only water resistant instead of waterproof, but she hasn't noticed any water coming in through the slits.


In Response to: Soft vs Regular Pad Eyes by M Davis on May 13, 2006