Re:MKII sailrig build

Posted by don on Apr 24, 2006

Can't wait to see the pics. I have two coats on both hulls - cold weather put a halt to the third caot for another week. The plus to that was that I ended up doing the between coat sanding and found out, as everyone says is true, the second coat, sanded down, covers almost all of the fiberglass. This should make the third coat thin and final. Except of course for those few annoying 'fix-up' spots from first coat...

One of the things I have been looking into (while waiting for warmer weather) is doing an inlay or onlyay on the deck, as well as possibly doing a strip-built deck...inspired by the Shearwater...

Of course, all these ideas only delay the 'getting it wet' phase of construction that we all yearn for...and that I hope to get to at some point this year... :)

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