Don... MKII sailrig build

Posted by Petewp on Apr 22, 2006

Hi Don,

Sorry for the lengthy time in responding. I was out of town for a week.

To date Ive got the glassed and needing about oner coat each on either side. Looks terrificwhen the epoxy starts to get that smooth varnish sheen after it fills in the weave. I didnt galss the whole leebaord tho. Just the lower two thirds. I want it to help in the event of unforseen submerged object contacts. Plus the added stiffness cant hurt.

The rudder Ill be sending s long a pic this week. That too is glassed - the lower 2/3'rds as well. Same reason.

The first ama hull is glassed and has so far received three coats of epoxy. I think onemore along with some touch up will do it - then comes the wonderful endless sanding :)

The other ama still needs some final sanding on fills and other corrections Ive made.

All in all Im very happy. Ihavent as yet made any progress on the mold for the akas but that will be my final building phase.

Keep in touch!