Re: strip tops

Posted by craig on Apr 2, 2006

I prefer masking tae over duct tape, its easier to deal with and the glue on duct tape can get really nasty. As to plywood vs. strip building, its easier to torture strips and get a fairer curve and more of a wooden boat look. I haven't a problem with plywood for the hulls of kayaks, and even though CLC decks come out beautifully, a strip boat is more elegant and , to me, seems to be a more natural looking curve. I will admit that after trying to get some strips to stay will get you to cuss about how unnatural all this is, they still work out well. You will also never need to scroung around for stirring sticks again if you have built a stripper. Go for it

In Response to: Re: strip tops by Tony Olsen on Apr 2, 2006