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Posted by BobE on Apr 2, 2006

Sounds like you have completed a couple boats so you understand the process. No problem using 3 mm for the side panels and decks. Remember this plywood is constituted by thinner plies. Being more flexible, it will easily telegraph errors or hard points like bulkheads. Thus, be careful with your sanding technique. Plan for doublers to support the hatches and for entry/reentry.

The generous folks on this forum have written of many tricks to lighten the yak. A little research will go a long way. For example; some items you didnít mention were shaving down the inside corner of the sheer clamp or using little or no metal fasteners.

A good pictorial example of building a fully glassed Ch 14 kit both strong and light weight can be found at If memory serves, it was being paddled at 24 lbs before the hatches were installed. The original plan was for the build to come in under 30 pounds with varnish and complete rigging.

Ch 14

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